Have fun with the best staycation tips!

The rise of the staycation

Theres never been a better time to go on holiday in the UK. As the weather starts to improve, there are plenty of incredible places right at home to see and visit. Why bother with all the hassle and bother of booking flights, going through airport security, having to convert your money, when you can simply pay a visit to some of the UK’s most stunning locations?

lake district

Endless choice

Holidaying the UK may seem a little limited, but that couldn’t be father from the truth. There is such a wide array of things to do that’ll really surprise you!


This is for those who like to get out into the great outdoors. Rambling is actually one of the most fantastic ways to see and enjoy the UK by foot. Whether you want to enjoy a nice picnic in the Cotswolds or go hiking on Dartmoor, rambling in the UK will surprise and delight.


This is pure luxury. Think spa treatment, expertly crafted food, cottages in the beautiful English countryside. This is the perfect weekend treat.


Perhaps you want some hustle and bustle? Take a trip to one of the UK’s metropoles such as Birmingham or Manchester. Go sightseeing, shopping and learn about the culture and history of the UK. Great for a weekend trip.

london eye

London Breaks

Discover the British capital with a perfect weekend break. See for yourself what London has on offer, whether it be a West End show or a tour of London’s famous landmarks.

Spa & Luxury

Its time to shut out the outside world for just a moment and enjoy the pleasure of sheer relaxation. Unwind with your other half and indulge in a massage and spa treatment.


This is pure convenience. The all done for service. This includes your hotel, unlimited drinks and an incredible evening meal.

Afternoon Tea Stays

Enjoy scones with clotted cream and jam in the wonderful environment of a premium hotel. There are locations across the country offering some of the most fantastic settings for an unforgettable tea experience.



The UK has some of the most interesting and wonderful cultures in the world. Explore the extensive and rich history in some of the UK’s most renowned hotspots. Think Shakespeare and grandiose manors.


Theres no beating a trip to the sea side. Its a British staple. Imagine in the summer months when you can lie back and enjoy your outstanding surrounding on a beach surrounded by beautiful scenery.


The countryside of the UK is one of a kind. Explore of the contrast of jagged mountains in the peak district to the soft, rolling hills of Norfolk, the UK really has everything you could want in the countryside.